For out of town visitors....,Getting an economical place to stay is tough in New York City.

For those of you who want to attend the reunion and not break the bank...We hope this page will help.

This is a picture of the the American Youth Hostel on 103rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue. Prices start at $29 a night.
Clean, modern coed and separate male/female dormitory style accommodation (four to twelve-bedded rooms) with shared
bathrooms in the hallways. Linens, towels, and a housekeeping service are provided free of charge. Private rooms with and
without baths are available.
Access 24 hours a day.

Click Here To Go the Website

The Following two web sites offer Rooms Starting from $60 a night. Click on the name to get to the site

1800 Hotels

9 Great NYC Cheap Hotels From

This next site Airbnb is for the adventurous. It connects budget travelers with locals who are offering
anything from an air mattress in their living room to a private bedroom in a luxury loft — for a fee.
A very reasonable fee. If nothing else It's interesting to look at even if you don't intend to stay.
You can read all about it in the New York Times(Click on Frugal Traveler - below)